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Intersectionality Week

Intersectionality Week is a new program that was first proposed by APALSA and the Women of Color Collective. The goal of the week was to promote a collective of diverse and complex voices by bridging the gap between different communities and creating a space for an open and vulnerable dialogue. During this week of events, APALSA was proud to sponsor the two following events.

Storytelling in a Professional Context:

Co-sponsored by MLSA and LALSA, Storytelling featured an exciting and insightful panel of practitioners who related their experiences in the legal field and how they were shaped by their backgrounds and identities. Major takeaways included looking to one's background as a source of authenticity and strength and also taking steps to find mentors and sponsors proactively both in law school and in the first years of practice. A warm thank you to our Sponsors at Gibson Dunn and Sidley for kindly sitting on the panel.

Trivia Night - Know Your Intersection:

In our Sport & Fitness Lobby, APALSA was joined by our fellow affinity groups on campus in having a fun time with trivia, music, food, and friends stretching late into the night.

Let's see if you can answer some of the trivia questions asked:

1. What country, outside of the U.S., has the most McDonald's?

2. What is the fourth largest country in the world (after India, China, and the United States)?

With a final score of 36.5, the Stallions edged out the Hungry Hungry Hoyas' 33.5 and the Georgetown Cuties 32.5 to be crowned as this semester's trivia champs.

Answer to Q1: Japan, with 3000 McDonald's

Answer to Q2: Indonesia


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