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Executive Board


Isabel Yu.jpg

Isabel Yu


Hometown: Singapore


Undergrad: Wellesley College

(Major in Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences and East Asian Studies)


About: I was born in North Carolina and raised in Hong Kong, Germany and mostly Singapore. Prior to law school, I was a Fulbright Scholar and taught English in South Korea for two years. During my 1L summer, I worked at the Global Pro Bono Bar Association, where I provided legal research to international non-profit organizations and helped to build up renewable and sustainable legal initiatives to fight against modern slavery in Southeast Asia. I was also a research assistant for Professor Anupam Chander and worked on issues in comparative technology law, including issues of privacy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and speech. Career-wise, I'm interested in pursuing an international practice and hope to work on cross-border legal work in East Asia. Outside of school, I love travel planning, exploring new cuisines, playing the piano and figuring out what new tv shows there are to watch. 

Kate Profile Lighter.jpg

Kate Zheng


Hometown: Beijing, China  

Undergrad: University of Rochester, Class of 2017 (Major in International Relations and Psychology)

About: I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I have always been passionate about exploring different cultures and environments. During my time in the freezing snowy Rochester, I was actively involved with debate and studio arts and became an amateur cook because of the lack of food options there. After university, I spent a year conducting research and art projects on the polarization of East Asian female stereotypes with my college. I also worked as an education consultant before law school. For this summer (2020), I am working at the Office of Sanctions and Debarment at the World Bank, taking a deep dive into the various schemes in white-collar crime. Outside of APALSA, I am also a member of the Barrister's Council, Alternative Dispute Resolution Division. During my free time, I continue enjoying my food adventures and start brainstorming creative ways to host my zoom parties.     



Phillip Kim


Hometown: Seoul, Korea 

Undergrad: University of Notre Dame, Class of 2016, Major in Economics & Political Science


About: I was born in Korea but made it over to Southern California when I was just a wee lad. After undergrad, I worked as an IT risk consultant in the Bay Area and a jury experience inspired me to come to law school. Aside from APALSA, I am also the treasurer for KALSA, member of the Trial Advocacy Team, and an Opportunity Scholar. During this recent summer, I interned at the CFTC’s Office of International Affairs. I enjoy having thoughtful conversations with my cat and resort to my healthy obsession with soccer (Liverpool), tennis (Federer), and college football (ND) as a much needed escape from school.


An Nguyen


Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Undergrad: University of New Mexico (Major in Biology and Chemistry)


About: I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I always thought I was going to be a doctor and completed two years of medical school before I decided to make the change to law. At Georgetown, I'm interested in intellectual property but keeping an open mind. In addition to APALSA, I am a Technology Law & Policy Scholar, Student Fellow of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution, Director of Events for the Federalist Society, and Law Fellow. In my spare time, I love sipping on boba tea and playing games—video games, board games, and card games!



Jay Prapaisilp


Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Undergrad: The George Washington University, Major in Psychology


About: I grew up in the Midwest and came out to the East Coast for undergrad and now law school. I was a Litigation Paralegal for two years after undergrad and worked mainly with the International Trade, Anti-Corruption, and Antitrust practice groups. During my 1L summer, I interned at the Department of Justice within the Civil Rights Division. Academically, I am interested in employment litigation, particularly in the discrimination litigation context. I enjoy watching cooking shows, doing the NYT crossword, and exploring international cuisine. 


Michael Yu


Hometown: Hillsborough, New Jersey  


Boston College, Class of 2013 (BA in Theology), Boston College, Class of 2017 (Master of Arts in Theology, Master of Social Work)


About: I was born in New Jersey and attended university at Boston College. After undergrad, I did an Americorps year in Chicago before returning to Boston College to pursue my MSW and MA in Theology in a dual-masters program. Before Law School, I worked as a clinical social worker with gang-involved young men in Boston. I came to law school to become a more effective advocate for people impacted by poverty, community violence, mental illness, and racial oppression. My academic interests include Health and Mental Health law, Education, Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, and Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurship. In my free time I enjoy baking sourdough bread, cooking, going to concerts, and exploring restaurants and breweries in DC. I have strong opinions about tomatoes not belonging in guacamole. 

David Yun.jpg

David Yun


Hometown: Columbia, MD 

Undergrad: University of Maryland College Park (Major in Electrical Engineering)


About: I am currently a 2L interested in intellectual property. My hobbies include soccer, gaming, weight lifting, and cooking! I’ve grown up in the DMV area so if you need any food recommendations don’t hesitate to ask.

Jennifer Couch - Headshot.jpg

Jennifer Couch



Hometown: Queens, New York  

Undergrad: The City College of New York (Major in Political Science and Psychology, with a minor in English)


About: I was born in Busan, South Korea, but came to the United States at 10 months old. After moving from California, to Washington, to Texas, my family finally settled to New York when I was three years old. After attending the City College of New York, I worked as an immigration paralegal for two years. I am spending my 1L summer as a summer associate/1L LCLD Scholar at Venable LLP. I am interested in doing transactional work when I graduate, and want to specialize in either M&A/Finance/Advertising law. In addition to APALSA, I am a RISE Scholar, Business Law Scholar, and Opportunity Scholar. I also work at the Office of Equity & Inclusion with Dr. Pérez-Caro. In my freetime, I like to bake cake pops, practice hot yoga, visit museums while listening to rap, and write comedy sketches on peculiar events that happen on the A train! 

Headshot Helen Mun.jpg

Helen Mun



Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Undergrad: Davidson College ’18 (Major in Sociology; Minor in Health and Human Values)


About: As a 1.5 generation immigrant to the U.S., I grew up in Los Angeles and Charlotte. Prior to law school, I spent a year in Atlanta working on criminal justice reform, and at Georgetown I am interested in exploring health law and civil rights. In addition to serving on APALSA’s e-board, I am an Opportunity Scholar, RISE Scholar, Public Interest Fellow, and Legal Research and Writing Law Fellow. In my free time I love to paint, take long walks in nature, and read novels.


Hailey Tahk Image .JPG

Hailey Tahk


Hometown: Seoul, Korea 

Undergrad: Boston College, Class of 2017 (Major in Communications and Sociology) 


About: I was born in Seoul, Korea, but I spent most of my time in the US. Prior to law school, I spent two years in Korea as a SAT instructor and program supervisor. Career-wise, I hope to work on cross-border disputes and with the Korean legal market. I love morning yogas, supporting local coffee shops and bookstores, and taking long walks at the National Mall in DC. 


Jeremy Lin


Yudi Ruan_profile photo.jpg

Yudi Ruan


Hometown: Foshan, China 

Undergrad: Renmin University of China, Class of 2016 (Major in German, minor in Economics)


About: I grew up in a small town and learned English by listening to old cassette tapes. As a German major, I spent one semester in Leipzig as an exchange student. My horizons are broadened by learning different languages and exploring different cultures. After earning a Juris Master Degree in Beijing, I came here to explore more in the subject itself as well as possibilities in a legal career. In my spare time, I enjoy foods, novels, music, and classical Chinese dance.


Muyi Zhang


Hometown: Beijing, China; Seattle, WA

Undergrad: Duke University (Major in International Studies, Minor in Classical Civilizations) 


About: As an immigrant who has grown up mostly in the United States, I have always been interested in immigration, Asian/American identity, and international law. I play badminton and violin (although unfortunately not very much in law school). I am a huge foodie :)

Chuyi Sheng.JPG

Chuyi Sheng


Hometown: Dana Point, CA 

Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University (Major in Political Science; minor in Entrepreneurship & Management)


About: After university, I worked in the compliance department at Goldman Sachs in New York and completed a Princeton in Asia fellowship in Beijing. This past summer, I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Apart from APALSA, I am a Legal Research & Writing Law Fellow and a member of the Global Law Scholars program. I enjoy going to the beach, skiing, traveling, and good coffee. 

Hometown: Shanghai, China 

Undergrad: Claremont McKenna College(Major in Political Science, and Economics; Minor in Finance) 


About: Before law school, I worked in Shanghai as an investment banker and focused on IPOs and M&A deals. This summer, I am working as a research assistant for two law school professors and trying to publish a political science article on domestic politics of Hungary. Outside law school, I am a novice baker who cannot make successful pavlova. I am also a committed Whovian and love all science fiction works.

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