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APALSA's Summer Block Party 2019

This year, APALSA hosted its welcome party at Wunder Garten, a beer garden just a 15-min walk from campus. Approximately 70 students attended, with over 40 of the attendees being either new students or LLMs. A (delicious!) Korean bbq taco bar was catered from B.Lin Catering.

Every year, our welcome party is a great way for Executive Board members to meet new faces and help them get connected to other APALSA members who share their interests. It was also a great opportunity for 3Ls and Executive Board members of the 2018-2019 year to kick back, relax, and see their legacy go forward.

"The event was very helpful for 1Ls to know more people, especially upperclassmen, who gave me a lot of useful professional advice and advised me on how to find the right balance between my academics and social life. As I came straight from undergrad, I had a lot of misconceptions about law school and talking to the members gave me more of a realistic sense of life here." - Jeff Wu, a new student

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Student Org Fair this Wednesday (09/11) at 3:30pm on Tower Green!


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