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Academic Panel: 1L Survival Guide

Thank you to everyone who attended our Academic Panel! Over 40 students attended, and chicken nuggets were provided by Chick-Fil-A.

A panel of four upperclassmen advised new students on how to brief cases, make outlines, and prepare for final exams. The panel was followed by a mixer where new students could mingle with upperclassmen and get professor-specific advice.

Sunna Lee (New Student, 1L): “The academic panel was very helpful. Before the panel, the practice of outlining and preparing for exams were vague. I didn’t know when to begin and what may be important to focus on. I think the panelists gave us a variety of options for us to consider when we begin to write our own outlines."

Sue Moon (Returning Student, 2L): “I think that the event was a great opportunity especially for 1Ls to meet upperclassmen. I liked the mixer following the panel. I got to chat with a couple of new students from the section I was in last year which was nice!”

Our next event will be our Mentorship Mingle, a boba meet-and-greet for APALSA mentors to meet their APALSA mentees for the first time! At this time, RSVPs have been closed for the event.


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